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We could talk all day how how great the formula is, how it has sold millions, but we think the words of our clients say it better than we ever could. Here are just a few typical, ordinary experiences. These are not exceptions, but normal customary responses. You can hear these men in their own voices give their audio testimonials word for word on our website. Can you name any other sexual supplement with audio testimonials? We are not aware of any. It’s only us, because Zyrexin works! Every word here is 100% true. None of these men were paid one penny!

"48 Minutes! My Girlfriend Can't Believe it!"
Me and my girl had an okay sex life before I started using Xantrin but I couldn’t last long enough for her to get off. She said it was fine, but I knew it really bothered her. Who wants a man who lasts just a few minutes? Our sex life completely changed after I started using Xantrin. The first time I lasted 48 minutes! My girl was going crazy on me!! Thanks to Xantrin, I was able to save my sex life and strengthen the relationship with my girlfriend.
– Jesse, Plano, TX


"I'm Getting more Action Now Than Ever!"
Xantrin is helping me get more girls than ever before. I was really self conscious about my bedroom skills. No matter how hot the girl, I had trouble getting it up sometimes. Maybe it was nerves or a few too many beers, but it was embarrassing. I saw an ad for Xantrin, read the testimonials and decided to give it a try. Today, I’m a whole new man. I’m not trying to brag, but I’m an animal in bed. I have no problem getting an erection and I can keep it for a few hours.
– Tyler, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I was Desperate Before - Now I Fell Like A Stud!
Every guy has had trouble getting it up at least once right? And we all know how embarrassing it can be…with the girl staring at you like you’re a loser. Well, imagine that happening EVERY time you get with a girl. I was so desperate for help. I heard of this herbal sexual enhancer called Butea Superba and Xantrin was the only product using it. I had to give it a try. Thank goodness I did because it completely transformed my sex life. I went from a chump with no stamina to a sex stud!
– Kevin, Chino, CA

Better Late Than Never!
I’m 53 years old and have lived with a lifetime of embarrassment because of my premature ejaculation problems. I started using Xantrin about a month ago and my wife says it’s the best sex we’ve ever had. I rub the cream on about 5 minutes before sex and I last much longer. I last longer, my wife is happier and I feel like a real man.
– Larry, Lincoln, NE

Best Product Ever! I last over 20 minutes Every Time!
I have tried everything…Vivaxa, Defernol, Rock Hard and all the different creams. Some worked but there was a problem with all of them…not long enough erection or the product was too expensive, and then most of the creams made me numb. I read a few reviews for Xantrin and it sounded legit. I ordered it online and got it in 3 days. Every time I use it, I last over 20 minutes. There’s no numbness or smell. It’s an affordable price so I don’t feel scammed. And best yet, I finally have a normal sex life.
– Alex, Boulder, CO

I Like The Fact That I Can Feel Everything!
Sure the other products worked a bit, but I was numb the whole time – what’s the point! I gotta be able to feel everything without getting off in 2 minutes. I don’t know how they do it, but Xantrin is perfect. You get to feel everything and last as long as you want. Plus, the girl has no idea you’re using anything…there’s no tingly sensation, color or smell. I’m telling you, don’t go with a cream you don’t trust…you’ll just end up regretting it. Try Xantrin and have the most amazing sex of your life!
-J.P., Stockton, CA

I Just Made My First Porno - With Two Chicks! - loser become porno star
Every guy’s fantasy is a threesome with two hot chicks. Problem is, who can last as long as a porn star? THIS GUY! I had this hot date with a girl from school. Right before we had sex, I rubbed on some Xantrin. I had this girl going for like two hours. She told her friend about it and a week later, I was filming my first porno! It’s been downloaded 29,300 times. Are you kidding me? I went from a nerd with no confidence to an Internet sex star!
- Jared, Knoxville, TN

Women Are Now Calling Me - Small town idiot is the man
I consider myself an okay looking dude and I have plenty of chances to hook up, but once I got the girl into bed, I lost all credibility. Problem is, I live in really small, Midwest town. So I would get the girl, but I could only last like 10 minutes. Of course chicks like to talk so I got a reputation for being bad in bed. I couldn’t stand being “that” guy anymore so I took a chance on this Xantrin cream. It’s amazing how well it works. I don’t even worry about my stamina anymore and I’ve got chicks calling me at all hours of the night.
– Shane, Edmond, OK

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